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ProBuilt Professional Lighting, LLC

We at Alldec Trading Ltd. are pleased to be a dealer of ProBuilt Professional Lighting, LLC. ProBuilt makes professional-grade portable lighting solutions for the Construction, Manufacturing, and Industrial trades. Some of these lighting solutions include Wobblelight, Hang-A-Light, and ProBuilt LED Work Lights.

WobblelightTM Work Lights

Wobblelights are self-righting work lights that are bright, durable, and virtually indestructible. They are designed to take severe punishment from workers, vehicles, debris and drops.

The Wobblelight is the perfect work light for the jobsite.  It requires no set-up, can be stringed together, and best of all if you knock a Wobblelight over, it bounces back.  The floating shock system also protects the Wobblelight’s bulb, and that bulb is fan cooled and ventilated so it won’t burn. Download the catelogue on the right to find out more about the Wobblelight.

Hang-A-LightTM Work Lights

Hang-A-Light work lights are temporary area work lights that are designed with performance, energy efficiency, and innovative features in mind. Employing the latest in high-efficiency lighting technology, all Hang-A-Light models are UL-Listed for damp and wet location use. They come in 105-watt or 400-watt, and are ideal for temporary overhead light. Download the catalogue on the right to find out more about the Hang-A-Light.

ProBuilt LED Work Light

ProBuilt LED work lights are made of durable alloy aluminum and tempered glass. They are tough, waterproof, and produce a pure white light. ProBuilt LED work lights don’t produce heat and get hot like traditional halogen lights. The Bridgelux LED chip in the ProBuilt LED work light also makes it 5x more efficient than the traditional halogen. To find out more about ProBuilt LED work lights, please download the catalogue to the right or contact us.

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