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Wekador Catalogue 

Wekador Bits

          We at Alldec Trading Ltd. are a proud vendor of Wekador Bits. Wekador produces high quality bits in its German factory. Bits, bit holders, bit assortments, and multi drive tools are only a few of the items produced by Wekador. Our biggest seller is Wekador`s Bit.Max bit holder.

          The Bit.Max magnetic bit holder works for multiple screw applications. It enables rapid bit changing, and the Bit.Max bit holder ensures the surface of the screw head is held firmly in place by a unique annular magnetic ring. The Bit.Max lets you fasten screws vertically or horizontally without any tilting or slipping.

Please contact us at Alldec Trading Ltd. to find out how to get Wekador Bits and the Bit.Max magnetic bit holder on your shelves. Download the catalogue to the right or contact us to find out more.


Wekador Bit Holder

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