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SantronicsTM Inc. Electronic Instruments

At Alldec Trading Ltd., we are pleased to be a supplier of Santronics Inc. electronic instruments.  Santronics electronic instruments make voltage detection easy, and are available in four styles.  The four styles are as follows: AC 3115, AC 3215, AC 3000, and DC 3315. 

AC 3115 is an AC sensor for 50-1000 volts, and AC 3215 is a low AC locator for 24-90 volts.  They both locate hazardous voltages and defective grounds, and can detect voltage without metallic contact.  The sensors also glow red in the presence of AC voltage. 

AC 3000 is an AC sensor for 50-1000 volts.  It does everything that the AC3115 does, but offers an audio alert and has no on/off switch.   DC 3315 is a DC detector for 6-50 volts, and is a great tool for troubleshooting DC circuits. 

Contact us at Alldec Trading Ltd. to find out how your business can stock Santronics electronic instruments.  To find out more about Santronics, please download the catalogue to the right or contact us. 

Santronics Voltage Detectors Electronic Alldec

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