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pt TechnologiesTM Cleaning Systems

          Alldec Trading Ltd. is a proud supplier of three pt Technologies cleaning systems.  The three pt Technologies systems are as follows: PF Solvent, PF AquaForte, and PF-SR.

PF Solvent is a power industry cleaner that provides residue free cleaning to prevent earth tracking and local hot spots.  It is high voltage approved up to 440kV, and is non flammable.  PF Solvent is designed to IEEE recommendations, and reduces installations faults to help maximize cable life. 

PF AquaForte is an alternative to solvent cleaners.  It can be used in cleaning and degreasing for manufacturing, fabrication and maintenance in a variety of industries.  PF AquaForte is classified as non toxic, non flammable, and non hazardous.  This means PF AquaForte reduces worker exposure to hazardous substances when cleaning and degreasing oils, soils, cutting fluids and sealant residues. 

PF-SR is an aerospace industry sealant remover.  It is a heavy duty solvent based degreaser that removes sealants and adhesive residue in a variety of applications.  PF-SR effectively removes adhesives, marking inks, Skydrol marks, masking tape residue, and semi-cured polysulphide sealants and RTV materials.  PF-SR also has a low evaporation rate, and reduces VOC emissions and human exposure to hazardous substances. 

Please contact us at Alldec Trading Ltd. for information about stocking PF Solvent, PF AquaForte, and PF-SR.  For further information about this product, please download the catalogues to the right or contact us.


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