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Miracle WrapTM Silicone Rubber Wrap

At Alldec Trading Ltd., we are pleased to be a dealer of Miracle Wrap silicone rubber wrap.  Miracle Wrap is a self-adhering silicone tape that fuses itself in just 24 hours.  It creates an air and water-tight bond that can be applied underwater. 

Miracle Wrap wraps to virtually any electric connection, and is not affected by diesel fuel, oils, or even saltwater.  This means you don’t get the “gooey” residue like the other tapes on the market.  You can also use Miracle Wrap for emergency hose repairs, tool grip wraps, sport equipment grip wraps, jumper cable insulation, and a lot more.      

Contact us at Alldec Trading Ltd. to find out how your business can stock Miracle Wrap silicone rubber wrap.  To find out more about this product, please download the catalogue to the right or contact us. 

Miracle Wrap Alldec

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