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Bond Aide p-1500 Alldec

Bond Aide p-1500p Alldec

Bond Aide p-1500w Alldec

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P-1500P MSDS Alldec

P-1500W MSDS Alldec

Bond-AideTM Epoxy Putty Sticks

          Alldec Trading Ltd. is a proud dealer of Bond-Aide epoxy putty sticks.  Bond-Aide epoxy putty sticks come in three epoxy varieties to help you get your job done fast.  Alldec Trading Ltd. carries all three varieties and these are as follows: P-1500, P-1500P, and P-1500W.

Bond-Aide P-1500 will plug or seal practically anything that leaks.  It is safe for lines carrying potable water, and is excellent for rebuilding or fabricating parts.  It can be used as an adhesive for metals, wood, glass, masonry, ceramics, and many plastics.  Bond-Aide P-1500 is truly a versatile epoxy putty. 

Bond-Aide P-1500P can be used for permanent plastic repairs such as leaks in plastic pipes, vinyl siding, plastic down-spouts, gutters, and PVC furniture.  It lets you restore, rebuild, and repair all kinds of plastics.  Bond-Aide P-1500P is unique because it moulds to any shape, and provides a rapid cure time.    

Bond-Aide P-1500W allows you to permanently restore, rebuild, and repair all kinds of wood.  Bond-Aide P-1500W can be moulded to any shape, and cures rapidly.  It will also never shrink or pull away. 

Please contact us at Alldec Trading Ltd. for information about getting Bond-Aide.  For further information about this product, please download the catalogues to the right or contact us.


Bond Aide Alldec

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